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X-Force Fan's Community

Welcome! This is a community for fans of Marvel's comic series X-Force.
Currently written by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, with art By Clayon Crain.

This community is intended to be a place where fan's can gather and discuss the comic
series and all its aspects. This includes the series itself, storylines, characters past
and present, the writers and artists, upcoming stuff, and anything else you can think of!

Also feel free to post anything X-Force related, such as fan art, wallpapers, icons etc.

As Moderator and Maintainer, I will post any News and Previews on the title and it's
related characters that I am able to get a holed of. So, check back regularly.

When you join, please feel free to make an introductory post!
We'd all love to hear what you like about The "All New" X-Force, who your favorite
characters are, your favorite issues/arcs and anything else you have to say.

1. Love the comic, hate the comic (then why are you here?) Use basic manners. This is a Must.
2. Please respect all who work on the comic, the publishers, the writers and artists etc.
3. Please put any "spoilers" behind an
<lj-cut>. Not everyone likes them.
4. We welcome them, but please, put any pictures, icons, fanart etc also behind an
5. We have a spersific Fanfic rule, Please see below.
6. If you do join, please remain an active member as much as possible.
7. Last, but not least, have fun! - And yes, this is a rule! :oP

This Community is advertised on a few X-Men/Comics related forums, as there is often lots of NXM News and Spoilers posted. If you are a member of those forums (Or have been linked here by a friend etc), and you're not a LJ member, please feel free to comment to any post, all we ask is that in your post, you let us know who you are by stating what forum you're from and what username you use there.

As much as we love all fanfic's submitted to the Community, (I read all that I have time for). The Community can get lost under all of them. So I have devised a this rule: If you submit more than TWO fanfics per week, please edit your last post, putting your new fic below your other/others. Thanks for your understanding.